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Asmaa Beltagy's Mother Affirms Criminal Junta Will Not Stop Revolution
Asmaa Beltagy's Mother Affirms Criminal Junta Will Not Stop Revolution
Dr. Mohamed Beltagy's wife, Sanaa, denounces increasing junta violence as a sign of weakness.
Saturday, November 8,2014 06:20
Sanaa Abdul-Gawwad, the mother of martyr Asmaa Beltagy and wife of Dr. Mohamed Beltagy (Freedom and Justice Party leader, currently detained in junta jails), said: "Won't there ever be an end to the series of killings by the brutal oppressive coup regime?"

In a post on her page in Facebook, Dr. Beltagy's wife said: "Haven't you learnt the lesson yet? Do you still believe you can kill the Revolution by shedding more innocent blood?

"You killed my beloved daughter Asmaa, so all girls in Egypt became like Asmaa. Today (Friday), two of the finest young people in Egypt were killed: Khaled Mahmoud and the 17-year old student Omar Khairy. Our martyrs fuel the Revolution. Their blood makes it burn stronger.

"By God, these murders are clear evidence of your weakness. But you will not scare us."

Earlier on Friday, peaceful anti-coup demonstrations in Egypt were attacked by coup security forces that killed two protesters and arrested many more.
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