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Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh Strongly Condemns Brutal Police Assault, Arrest of Peaceful Protesters
Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh Strongly Condemns Brutal Police Assault, Arrest of Peaceful Protesters
The Islamic Group in Bangladesh denounces brutal and vengeful attacks by fascist government forces against demonstrators, in which police used live ammunition, injured many and arrested hundreds.
Thursday, October 30,2014 13:08

 The Deputy head of Jamaat-e-Islami (Islamic Group), former legislator Mujibur-Rahman, on Wednesday strongly condemned the brutal police attack – with live ammunition and tear gas – on demonstrators, injuring scores and arresting hundreds of Islamists, including members of the Islamic Group and the Islamic Student Union Party, in protest rallies launched in various parts of the country.

The demonstrations were in protest against the arbitrary and unjust sentence passed against the head of the Islamic Group, former Industry Minister Sheikh Mutiur-Rahman Nizami, by the International Criminal Court, which convicted him of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during the War of Independence, which led to the secession of Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971.

In a statement, the Deputy Emir of the Islamic Group said the brutal police attack on protesters in peaceful demonstrations Wednesday, which swept across Bangladesh, resulted in the injury of dozens of Islamic Group members, activists and supporters, while hundreds were rounded up and detained.

He added that this brutal police attack revealed the fascist and authoritarian nature of the Bangladeshi government
The government is planning to kill the leaders of the Islamic Group in an attempt to deprive it of its finest political leaders, so the current regime can cling longer to the power it seized by force, he said.

He pointed that the people will not allow the government to implement its dubious scheme. He further called on the people to stand steadfast in the face of this government's attempts to eliminate all opposition. He also called on the government to release the Islamic Group's Emir, Sheikh Mutiur-Rahman Nizami, as well as all the group's members, activists and supporters who were detained in peaceful demonstrations that came out Wednesday across Bangladesh.
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