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Al-Shater Daughters 19-Hour Ordeal at Egypt Airport by 'special' decree
Al-Shater Daughters 19-Hour Ordeal at Egypt Airport by 'special' decree
Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Al-Shater's daughters suffer 19-hour ordeal at hands of military junta security forces who prevent them from leaving Egypt.
Thursday, October 30,2014 05:08

Aisha Al-Shater, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood's deputy leader, said the prevention of two of her sisters from traveling and the confiscation of their money in violation of the law were by 'high level' orders.

On Monday (October 27), Burg Al-Arab Airport authorities – in Alexandria – prevented Mariam and Fatima Al-Zahra, Al-Shater's daughters, from leaving Egypt.

Aisha, Khairat Al-Shater's daughter, said in a statement that one of her sisters had come from abroad for a vacation in Egypt, and was on her way back to her husband, and the second was travelling to join ​​her husband, who left Egypt recently.

"There certainly is no travel ban on my sisters or any legal or logical reason for authorities to prevent them from leaving the country. These are absurd actions by junta decree, just like the seizing of our money or the taking of Egyptian lives.

"Airport security forces detained my sisters with young children for 19 hours, in a totally unsuitable place, forcing them to sit on the floor – in a humiliating, inhuman, merciless manner."

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