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Egypt 'Students Against the Coup' Mourns Sinai Martyrs; Warns against Militarization of Universities
Egypt 'Students Against the Coup' Mourns Sinai Martyrs; Warns against Militarization of Universities
Another junta paradox finds the coup regime responding to fatal Sinai bombings with a decree to 'protect' universities across Egypt with tanks and armored vehicles.
Wednesday, October 29,2014 05:06

 The Students Against The Coup (SAC) movement said the military regime bears full responsibility for the killing of the soldiers in the Sinai, for it is the junta who dragged the army into a battle with the people in favor of the Zionists, so they in turn would support the putschists to remain in power. It was also the junta who dragged the armed forces into the quagmire of political intrigue and the suppression of students in universities and demonstrators in all squares and streets, and abandoned the army's original mission of protecting the homeland's borders.

In a statement Monday, SAC said: "We, along with all the Egyptian people, were deeply saddened by what happened to our army soldiers and officers in El-Arish, where more than thirty were killed and another thirty wounded. They remind us all of the innocent blood shed daily in Egypt under military rule.

"SAC rejects the absurd use of this incident as an excuse to issue an illegal and unjust law-by-decree to allow the trial of civilians before military courts, and to impose a deadly security grip on universities by pushing military forces directly in the face of students."

The SAC statement continued: "It is ironic that soldiers are killed on the borders, so military forces descend upon universities rather than the borders".
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