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Tue927 2022

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Osama Morsi Denies Media Lies about Sinai Incident Remarks
Osama Morsi Denies Media Lies about Sinai Incident Remarks
The son of legitimate President Morsi refutes false media reports about an alleged statement by his brother concerning the latest Sinai bomb attacks.
Tuesday, October 28,2014 04:53

 Osama Mohamed Morsi, spokesman for the family of legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, rejected as utter lies media reports regarding a statement attributed to another of President Morsi's sons on the Sinai bombings.

In an official press release on his Facebook page, Osama said: "Since yesterday, Mubarak media henchmen have been broadcasting false reports claiming that one of President Morsi's sons issued a statement saying that the bombings in the Sinai will stop only if certain demands are met. This is a baseless lie and an insult to the minds of the Egyptian people.

"We, President Morsi's family, have condemned the heinous bomb attack in the Sinai Peninsula. Nevertheless, we are not surprised by the lies made up by Mubarak's Media monkeys and his coup regime's henchmen. These indicate the muddled and confused state in which they find themselves, and their lack of imagination even in the fabricated 'news' story. We have great confidence in our great people's awareness and wisdom."
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