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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Sinai Massacre
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Sinai Massacre
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement denouncing the violent attack in Sinai Friday, and mourning the dead soldiers
Sunday, October 26,2014 21:18

 The Muslim Brotherhood offers its deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs of our soldiers and prays God to heal the injured - all of whom victims of the massacre of Friday, October 24, 2014.

The Brotherhood condemns this heinous crime and holds the coup leader and his top commanders responsible for the killing of the soldiers in a conspiracy of local, regional and international intelligence agencies. The Brotherhood also condemns the army commanders' deviation from their primary mission to killing protesters in the streets and universities and killing Egyptian soldiers with their complicity and negligence.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes the shedding of blood of any Egyptian is forbidden. The group holds the junta and its leaders responsible for the continued failure in the security, economic and social fields, as experienced by all the people, especially the people of the Sinai, who have always been Egypt's the first line of defense throughout history – and refuses, along with the whole Egyptian people, the displacement of the people of Sinai and the evacuation of the Sinai Peninsula.

The Muslim Brotherhood exhorts the people of Egypt to close ranks, unite and stand as one to confront the junta, which works to sabotage Egypt, divide its people and destroy its army.
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