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Freedom and Justice Party Holds Junta Responsible for Sinai Attack
Freedom and Justice Party Holds Junta Responsible for Sinai Attack
The FJP condemns the criminal incident reported to have claimed the lives of 28 army recruits in the Sinai.
Sunday, October 26,2014 21:08

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) mourns the victims of the Sinai bombings, and places the responsibility for the death of soldiers and civilians on the military coup commanders and collaborators, warning of the continuation of the military junta gang in their failure to protect the lives of soldiers, and instead trading in their blood, as the generals endeavor to implement the plots of the Zionist-American coalition in the region, lead in Egypt by the traitorous Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi. 

The FJP also congratulates the Egyptian people and the whole Muslim nation on the beginning of the new Hijri (Islamic) year.

The FJP hopes the new Hijri year will witness powerful, creative and effective revolutionary action that will shake the pillars of the illegitimate coup, rattle the repressive military junta and its supporters, bring the murderers and the corrupt to justice, and restore Egypt to the democratic path so it would progress economically, reclaim its freedom and enjoy political pluralism and societal peace that would lead this homeland to advancement and leadership.

The FJP mourns all the martyrs of this homeland since the January 25 Revolution and until now, and vows to continue its non-violent struggle till the overthrow of the brutal military coup regime and until retribution is achieved for the martyrs.
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