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200-Day Hunger Strike by Doctor Yamani Ignored by Coup Authorities
200-Day Hunger Strike by Doctor Yamani Ignored by Coup Authorities
A medical doctor faces death, following arbitrary arrest and detention with no charges, amid complete coup authority neglect.
Friday, October 24,2014 03:25

Ibrahim Yamani, medical intern, completed 200 days of open-ended hunger-strike amid deliberate and total neglect by junta authorities.

Coup security forces arrested Ibrahim Yamani on August 8, 2013 while he performed his duty providing first-aid to the wounded following the violent security crackdown on Fateh Mosque in Ramesses, after the Rabaa and Nahda massacres.

Protesting arbitrary detention and brutal treatment that violated all laws and customs, Yamani started an indefinite hunger-strike, first from December 25, 2013 to March 23, 2014, a period of 89 days. He had to stop this strike when security forces tortured him, storming his cell frequently, beating him severely and preventing him from getting any medical care of any kind, among other violations committed against him by the prison administration – all of which have been fully documented.

He started a second stage of his hunger-strike on April 17, 2014 and has continued that until now, thus completing 200 days of his hunger-strike, which included a whole week where he refused even water in protest at verbal and physical abuse by prison authorities.

Meanwhile, Natrun Prison administration turned a blind eye to the deterioration of his health and deliberately prevented him from getting any medical care. Furthermore, his trial sessions were repeatedly and unjustifiably postponed, in blatant violation of all rights and freedoms guaranteed by local laws and international conventions for every human, especially someone who is arbitrarily arrested and detained without any specific charges.

Freedom Seekers Monitor (FSM), a student rights group, condemned the violations Yamani suffered, witnessed by human rights organizations and the international community. FSM also demanded security agencies quickly release Dr Yamani, placing full responsibility for his safety and his life on the shoulders of coup authorities.
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