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On October 6th Anniversary, Muslim Brotherhood Salutes Egyptian People Who Refused Defeat
On October 6th Anniversary, Muslim Brotherhood Salutes Egyptian People Who Refused Defeat
The Muslim Brotherhood salutes the great, patriotic Egyptian people, all those who fought the October 6th (1973) war, and all those who still live up the spirit of the Egyptian military doctrine upon which the October 6th war was fought.
Monday, October 6,2014 10:45

 Our great patriotic people refused to be broken after the June (1967) defeat, and realized that their armed forces had been the victim of a ruling regime that forced them into political life and hence political and military defeat. Egyptians embraced their armed forces as those – once again – focused on their military mission, for which they were established. Consequently,  these armed forces achieved the October 6th victory and destroyed the myths of the unbeatable (Israeli) army, and the indestructible Bar-Lev line, as it was fervently described then.

The Egyptian people will not accept that their armed forces turn into a political party that governs the country, or a company with a monopoly over the economy. The people will not accept that their armed forces alter the military doctrine in any way.

In October (1973), the army was fighting the enemies, but now – under the leadership of the coup commanders and collaborators – the army is fighting and killing its own people who embraced and supported it to achieve victory.

The great Egyptian people are confident that their will shall be imposed. They are also confident that those who do not learn from the lessons of history… the people will soon punish and exact retribution from them for the blood of Egyptian martyrs.

Long live free Egypt 

The Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday, October 5, 2014
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