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Detained Minor's Health Deteriorates After 12 Days of Abuse Protest Hunger-Strike
Detained Minor's Health Deteriorates After 12 Days of Abuse Protest Hunger-Strike
Thirteen-year-old boy, detained by military coup forces in Egypt for alleged 'membership of a banned group', loses consciousness after 12 days of hunger strike in protest of ill-treatment and abuse in prison.
Wednesday, October 1,2014 02:49

 The administration of the military junta's security forces main detention center in Damanhur (Beheira province), has finally allowed the transfer of the detainee Mohamed Abdel-Latif, 13, to a hospital after his health deteriorated due to a hunger strike currently in the 12th day in protest of ill-treatment by the prison administration.

One of Mohamed Abdel-Latif's relatives said the hospital has issued a report announcing that Abdel-Latif's health was in a grave condition, pointing that Mohamed lost consciousness four times a day, but the prison administration did not provide him with any health care, and ruthlessly refrained from allowing him to be taken to hospital.

Mohamed's lawyer said it was unlawful to jail a 13-year-old child: "He can only be held at a juvenile care home, and then only by a decision of the juvenile court.

"Mohamed's academic future is now seriously at risk. However, the prosecution service has illegally refused our application for appeal more than once."

Mohamed Abdul-Latif was arrested on August 14, 2014 while returning to his home. Prosecutors charged him of belonging to an outlawed group, protesting without a permit and blocking a highway and a railway line.
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