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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Azzam Tamimi: Yemen Takeover Counter-Revolution
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Azzam Tamimi: Yemen Takeover Counter-Revolution
Brotherhood UK leader Azzam Tamimi says Shia Houthis' power-grab in Yemen is part of the counter revolution in the country, which hides the hands of enemies of the Arab Spring revolts in the region.
Wednesday, September 24,2014 19:53

The escalation of events in Yemen, and the fall of Sanaa in the hands of the Houthis, is an important point in the path of changes taking place in the Middle East at present.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Azzam Tamimi told IkhwanWeb: "My personal analysis of recent events is that it is part of the counter-revolution led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with remnants of ousted regimes. What happened in Yemen is a repeat of the scenario that took place in Egypt, and which they are trying to implement in Libya and even Tunisia.

"Opponents of the Arab Spring have now gathered together to abort it and put back in power the despots the people have just revolted against. The role of Houthis in all this is just a front to hide the heinous alliance between neighboring countries that did not like the people ousting their corrupt despots and between remnants of the former regime – the Republican Guard and security apparatus."

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