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Egypt National Alliance Statement Slams Coup Commander Al-Sisi UN Visit
Egypt National Alliance Statement Slams Coup Commander Al-Sisi UN Visit
Pro-legitimacy coalition of anti-coup groups and parties criticizes UN for accepting a known murderer and illegitimate coup commander in sessions.
Tuesday, September 23,2014 03:44

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that the military coup general Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi is a wanted criminal and murderer who must be held legally accountable for genocide, among other crimes. He certainly has no right to talk on behalf of Egypt in any international forum.

In fact, he cannot represent but himself, according to the rule of law, the Constitution, the January 25 Revolution and free popular will reflected in five fair and transparent democratic elections. The Alliance strongly and completely rejects Al-Sisi's representation of Egypt anywhere, in any form or manner.

The murderer and terrorist general Al-Sisi is wanted for serious crimes, at home and abroad. He is the sponsor of terrorism in Egypt, and the enemy of democracy and humanity. This murderer completed one hundred days of destruction and failure, murder and total abolition of politics, the judiciary, the law and the democratic process.

Al-Sisi's were 100 days of dictatorship, discrimination, destruction of Egypt's resources and genocide – the most serious incidents of which were the violent dispersal massacres of peaceful protesters at Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins.

After all this, accepting the murderer in the UN's General Assembly is definitely a dangerous precedent of accepting change of the people's will by military force, which is contrary to the United Nations Charter. This is a new unjustifiable setback for the United Nations which will cause it to lose credibility as more nations lose confidence in the organization. Thus the UN puts itself in a position contradictory to the wills of the people, who will not forget those absurd stances.

Allowing the murderous military coup commander to talk at the United Nations, with the continued abduction of the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi, is a crime against the Egyptian people and their free will, and a violation of the principles the UN always seeks to affirm and establish, such as respect for freedom and the right of peoples to choose their rulers and their political systems through free will. This also is a new set back for and reversal of the values ​​advocated by the international organization.

The questions thus arise: "In what capacity is the UN dealing with the murderer? Has the UN become a champion of tyrants and an enemy of the people? Is international legitimacy now winnable with the blood of the people – who hope to get out from under the cloak of domination and subordination – and by violating laws and committing crimes of genocide?

It was the armed gang ruling Egypt now by sheer force that decided to use maximum force and violence in confronting all those who participated in the January 25 (2011) Revolution. It was this junta that executed an illegitimate terrorist military coup d'état, and since then has been waging a brutal, systematic and vindictive war, with all internationally banned weapons, against unarmed and peaceful Egyptians, in order to bury the will of the people, the democratic process, the people's rights and freedoms, and even humanity.

Worse still, this junta wants its fascist representative in his UN visit to deceive the world community with a wrongful description of the current situation in Egypt, to buy a kind of fake legitimacy from those who do not have the right to grant it, after the generals were denied it by the people - the source of legitimacy.

Arab Spring revolutions, including Egypt's January 25, 2011 Revolution, came to put an end to the terrorism of authoritarian repressive regimes, and to achieve the just demands of the Arab peoples, in the context of independence, cultural particularities and the preservation of world peace, and to prevent humanity at large from falling into the trap of the clash of civilizations.

World peace is built by dealing with the wills of the people and not with dictatorships or coups. The gangs of oppression, tyranny and occupation create real terrorism which we reject, due to our doctrine, faith and patriotism.

We expect all countries which are dedicated to high principles and respect freedom and human dignity to denounce the war against the Arab Spring revolutions under the pretext of so-called terrorism.

The National Alliance salutes the millions of Egyptians abroad who prepared for the heinous general's UN visit with anti-coup protest activities, legal and rights action and continuous calls to declare the opinion of Egypt's civilization and revolution.

The Alliance calls on all Egyptians to organize huge protest activities everywhere, to express their rejection of the murderer's UN visit, under the slogan "He does not represent Egypt". It also calls on all Egyptians to endeavor to complete the Revolution until victory.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
September 21, 2014
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