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Heshmat: Foreign Ministry Sunday Explosion Al-Sisi Job to Win Western Support
Heshmat: Foreign Ministry Sunday Explosion Al-Sisi Job to Win Western Support
Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Heshmat accuses military junta of setting up Sunday explosion incident to justify Western intervention against Islamists in Egypt and the whole region.
Sunday, September 21,2014 20:06

Dr Gamal Heshmat, leading member of both the Freedom and Justice Party and the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, said: "The Muslim Brotherhood is innocent of any acts of violence or terrorism in Egypt. Responsibility for those falls squarely on the military junta who executed the illegitimate coup d'état and overthrew the elected President Mohamed Morsi."

In a press statement to Anadolu (the Turkish News Agency) Sunday, Dr Heshmat added: "Today's incident is part of the serial killing of Egyptians by the junta. Its goal is to strengthen the position of the military regime against the Muslim Brotherhood and to persuade the West to better support junta repression in Egypt.

"The people have known, and dealt with, the Muslim Brotherhood for decades, and always found them good and charitable, never involved in acts of terror or used violence to serve their interests."

Earlier, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said a blast near a checkpoint in the vicinity of the Foreign Ministry in downtown Cairo on Sunday killed two officers (Colonel Khalid Safan and Colonel Mohamed Mahmoud Abu-Serei) and wounded five others, including a civilian.

Immediately after the bombing, a group of people gathered chanting slogans such as "The people want the execution of the Brotherhood", blaming the blast on the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the fact that official authorities did not immediately accuse any group for the incident.

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