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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Re-Structuring to Accommodate New, Revolutionary Youth Leaders
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Re-Structuring to Accommodate New, Revolutionary Youth Leaders
Egypt's broadbased anti-coup coalition begins rejuvenation endeavors to better face up to the repression of the ruling military junta, with the help of young revolutionary leaders.
Wednesday, September 17,2014 22:11

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance began consultations for restructuring, to inject new blood into the broadbased coalition, with January 25 (2011) Revolution youths, national revolutionary and labor groups, and public figures.

The restructuring also aims to aid work with other entities, groups and organizations opposed to the coup, on the principle of cooperation in agreement, and tolerance in disagreement. In this effort, the Alliance pursues essential revolutionary development and aims to create the broad popular support necessary to achieve the January 25 Revolution's objectives.

The Alliance underlines that it is high time to move forward, for every citizen who cares for the future of Egypt and its people, to save the country from the perils of the repressive military junta, to get back on the democratic path, and to reclaim the January Revolution constitutional gains, and achieve its goals: "Bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity" – under the umbrella of the Alliance or outside it, so long as the objective is shared by all.

An official in the Alliance pointed that the consultations on the new structure began after Wasat Party announced its desire to work from outside the Alliance to achieve the same goals, and after Watan Party's membership in the Alliance was suspended. He added that the restructuring is to adjust the direction of the Alliance, and help it complete its efforts on the road to achieving the Revolution's ultimate victory.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

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