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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Protest
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Protest
As the darkness of junta injustice and repression spreads over the people of Egypt, the national coalition of anti-coup parties and groups launches another week of non-violent defiance activities.
Sunday, September 14,2014 03:43

 To the great Egyptian people:


The murderous military junta continues its relentless war of extermination against the Egyptian people irrespective of their religious or political orientation, stripping Egypt and Egyptians of all the necessities of life, nay, even life itself. The coup generals' terrorist militias continue their criminal cold-blooded killing of the honorable in the streets and squares, committing heinous crimes in junta jails, and looting Egyptians' moneys.
They are even selling the homeland in a manner not at all different from public auctions, to the highest bidder. They hire out Egypt's army, like a gang of militias, to fight American-Zionist  project wars that Egypt has no interest in getting involved with, to besiege the region where the people rise against the repression and tyranny of ruling despots.
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance offers its heartfelt condolences to the people of Egypt for the martyrs who were killed Friday by the treacherous forces of the military junta and its illegitimate ruling regime. The Alliance salutes the millions who came out in huge protests all across Egypt hailing the truth: "Egypt's Too Great for Them"; resisting the corrupt junta of injustice, poverty and blood.
The Alliance reiterates that bringing to justice all those involved in crimes of murder, torture and other violations of sanctities is at the top of the revolutionaries' demands. Restoring dignity and pride to all Egyptians without discrimination is an inherent goal we will unswervingly seek to achieve.
While the illegitimate oppressive regime ferociously enforces the law of the jungle, junta judges publicly incite the people to seek out and kill a certain faction of the Egyptian people, outside the context of the law. Meanwhile, coup authorities went far beyond all red lines in their vindictive actions against political detainees and opinion-makers in many well-known incidents, the latest witnessed in prisons of Port Said, Ismailia and other notorious detention centers where the atmosphere boils with anger of hunger-strikers, girls, students and ill inmates. This puts Egypt in dangerous and unchartered waters, pouring gasoline on burning fires, as failing fascist military rule persists in crimes of terror and bloody inhuman repression.
To the Egyptian people fighting for freedom:
Rejection of the coup and the military junta expands every day. All repression plots and tactics have failed to quell the Revolution. It is time for all to close ranks and unite against the coup. Any indifference or hesitation in the face of injustice and persecution will only perpetuate the pain, poverty and failure.
Let all of us, the people of Egypt, persist in our Revolution, trample the treacherous plots of the traitors, and declare ultimate victory for the truth, the Revolution and the homeland.
Egypt remains too great for the military junta. Egypt is for all Egyptians.
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Friday – September 12, 2014
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