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Freedom Seekers Monitor: Military Junta Expels 503 University Students
Freedom Seekers Monitor: Military Junta Expels 503 University Students
Based on no academic grounds, the expulsion of hundreds of university students across Egypt is a loathsome part of military junta repression of the honorable people.
Thursday, September 11,2014 11:42

 Freedom Seekers Monitor (FSM) released a report Wednesday documenting numbers of students expelled by university management in the period between July 2013 and August 2014: more than 503 students.

FSM's report pointed that Al-Azhar University ranked first in terms of high numbers of expulsion of students opposed to the policies of the military coup. 331 students were so expelled by Al-Azhar. This was followed by Cairo University, with 100 students expelled. Then, Menoufia University, which expelled 45 students. Then, Mansoura University, 10 students; the University of Damanhur, 6 students; the University of Assiut, 5 students; the University of Helwan, 4 students; and finally Ain-​​Shams University, 1 student.

FSM demanded that coup authorities, stakeholders and the university management must cancel the arbitrary expulsion decisions taken only to punish students for expressing an opinion and away from investigation or student discipline tribunals, in violation of the Universal Declaration of Rights and Freedoms and Egyptian laws.
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