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Syria Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Ahrar al Sham Movement Leaders
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Ahrar al Sham Movement Leaders
Senior leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Riad Abu-Shaqqa expresses condolences for the loss of a fine group of Ahrar al Sham Movement leaders who fought against the repressive regime.
Wednesday, September 10,2014 15:33
A group of Ahrar al Sham leaders, who fought bravely and stood steadfast in the face of Syrian regime brutality and oppression, were killed Tuesday by murderous heinous hands.

The Comptroller-General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria mourned these martyrs, and said in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb:

Dying for the sake of God is every true Muslim fighter's wish. For this wish to be honored by God is evidence of sincerity and truthful determination.

When I first met with those heroes, I saw honesty and determination to achieve the good goals and confidence in Allah's victory shine in their words.

We console ourselves, Ahrar Movement, the martyrs' families and the Syrian people for the loss of this fine group of faithful men. We assure them that we are marching on the same path of the truth, until God grants us the victory promised to His faithful servants.

We ask God to accept Abu-Abdullah (Hassan Abboud) and his good brothers, as well as all the truthful faithful martyrs, in peace.

We ask God fair retribution from the criminal murderers, enemies of the nation, the homeland and the faith, whether they are government militias or members of extremist groups, for their horrid most reprehensible crimes.
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