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Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls Workers to Join Poor's Protests
Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls Workers to Join Poor's Protests
In this statement, issued Sunday, Egypt's pro-democracy broad-based coalition urges the country's workers to join the huge peaceful protests planned for September 9, 2014.
Monday, September 8,2014 04:53

 September 7 marks a bitter memory: the execution by the military junta's authorities, in the 1950s, of Mustafa Khamis and Mohamed Baqri, loyal sons of the castle of Egyptian industry in Kafr Al-Dawwar, who committed no crime, but raised the voice of mainstream labor, fighting for the truth in the face of oppressive military rule. With their wrongful execution, their blood was evidence of the generals' deep hatred and loathing of the poor and the hard-working classes, and their natural rights.

The military coup junta rules Egypt by sheer force, and their man in the Presidential Palace boasts of his destruction of this homeland and his legendary failure although the generals have grabbed all senior positions in all establishments throughout the land, and despite the militarization of all state institutions.

This murderous junta is nothing but an extension of the repressive military regimes that ruled Egypt for 6 decades and caused nothing but ruin and failure as the generals shot and terrorized all citizens, exploited the people, and were no more than slaves of foreign powers.

Those military generals never cared for the workers, the poor or the homeland, nor the army for that matter. They will never do. It is imperative for Egypt that the military forces do their part appropriately, do the role for which they exist, so they should not have to bear more of the tragic consequences of political failure. They have to guard the borders of the country, or return to their barracks.

The scene is now clear to all workers: military rule continues to abduct and terrorize labor leaders struggling for workers' rights, having bought the silence of certain 'friendly' leaders. The junta slaughters all workers, starves their children and brutally punishes them, keeping them vulnerable to exploitation and repression under the yoke of rising and already obscenely high prices and the disastrous repeated power outages that destroyed the industry, disrupted businesses, exhausted workers and put their livelihoods in peril.

The failed fascist coup forgets that workers are in fact partners in the homeland's industries, trade and wealth. They are the pillars of the homeland and the hope for its future.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance mourns those martyrs on the anniversary of their execution in defense of the truth; and reiterates its support for all employees' and workers' continued struggle in all factories, facilities and businesses;
and calls for Egypt's workers everywhere to commemorate the martyrs of military tyranny and repression and to response positively to calls for the Poor's Protests on September 9. This will also mark the Farmers' Day – while Egypt's farmers and peasants suffer vicious humiliation and massive losses under military rule, as the junta ignores their natural rights.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: Sunday – September 7, 2014
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