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Egyptian Cities, Villages Protest Sisi Junta Rule and Zionist Aggression
Egyptian Cities, Villages Protest Sisi Junta Rule and Zionist Aggression
Demonstrations across Egypt packed public squares and streets Sunday demanding an immediate end to military rule and a halt to Israeli aggression in Gaza.
Monday, August 4,2014 16:21
Cities, towns and villages throughout Egypt on Sunday, including the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi's hometown in Sharqiya, turned out in large marches protesting against coup leader Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and the Zionist war on Gaza.

In Kafr El-Sheikh (Nile Delta), supporters of democratic legitimacy in the "Riyadh" village organized a human chain Sunday afternoon that turned into a massive march on the international coastal road link between Kafr El-Sheikh and Riyadh, in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Demonstrators raised banners that read: "Gaza will not bow or cower - Death to the Zionists". They also raised flags of defiance (reminding of Rabaa massacre by coup forces) and posters of the legitimate President Morsi, as well as pictures of martyrs and detainees, denouncing the prohibitively high prices and the failure of the coup in solving the problems of the citizens, like the constant interruptions of supply of such essentials as water, electricity and gas.

In Ismailia (north-east), the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance organized a human chain Sunday afternoon to demand the overthrow of the fascist military junta and to condemn the Zionist aggression on Gaza.

Participants in the human chain raised banners saying: "Down with the traitor and all puppets and agents - Freedom for the detainees". They chanted: "We say it generation after generation: Israel is our enemy).

In Sharqiya (Nile Delta), people of the Odwa village, hometown of President Morsi, organized a human chain Sunday afternoon in rejection of military rule, and in solidarity with the people of Gaza against the Zionist entity.

These non-violent popular protest activities are part of the "Resistance - Hope of the nation" week of defiance called by the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, the pro-democracy nationwide coalition of political parties and revolutionary groups opposed to the coup, the junta and their illegitimate regime.
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