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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Zionist Aggression Against Gaza
Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Zionist Aggression Against Gaza
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement criticizing absurd world indifference regarding Zionist military raids on Gaza, in which dozens of citizens are killed and injured, including women and children.
Wednesday, July 9,2014 05:41

 With international complicity and deafening silence from regional and Arab governments, the Zionist war machine continues to claim more lives and destroy more citizens' homes in an attempt to break the will of the resistance and the noble Palestinian people's steadfastness. Already guilty of the crime of silence regarding the siege of the people of Gaza and its proud men and women who remain steadfast in defying the Zionist occupation of their country, the world community now adds another crime: its resounding silence on the ongoing Zionist crimes against the long-suffering Palestinian people.

In fact, the Palestinian people, who gave the finest examples in resilience and steadfastness throughout their history, will not be cowered or deterred from demanding their full rights by the Zionist crimes and terror which have recently doubled, with repeated intrusions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, Muslims' third holiest place, and hastened attempts to Judaize Jerusalem, and most recently the heinous crime of burning the Palestinian child Mohamed Abu-Khudair in a most atrocious manner, and the inhuman crime of deliberately running over Palestinian citizens in Haifa.

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns these Zionist atrocities and the repeated attacks and aggressions in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the 1948 Palestinian territories. These attacks come on the anniversary of the Tenth of Ramadan victories (by the Egyptian army in 1973), which were laid to waste by political treachery. We are confident that God will help these noble people in the struggle for their full rights. We call on all justice-loving peoples, powers and organizations to announce a firm and clear stance in condemning this continuing aggression.

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses the importance of supporting the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist occupation.

It is the most effective way to restore Palestinian rights and face up to the Zionist project and its settlement and expansionist ambitions.

The Brotherhood demands an immediate halt to the brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip and the lifting of the unjust and illegitimate siege imposed on Gaza.

Furthermore, the group makes ​​a special appeal to all Muslims to raise their voices high against this barbaric aggression.

As for Muslim and Arab governments and institutions, the Brotherhood asks: What are you waiting for in order to stand by the issues of your peoples and the interests of your nation?

The unjust oppressors will soon see what destiny they will ultimately meet.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: July 10, 2014
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