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Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Fayoum: Interior Ministry's Dirty Tactics Fool No-One
Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Fayoum: Interior Ministry's Dirty Tactics Fool No-One
The National Alliance's Fayoum office rejects the putschists' blatant lies and attempts to lay blame on the anti-coup coalition.
Sunday, July 6,2014 06:28

 The chief coordinator of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum (southwest of Cairo) slammed desperate coup attempts to accuse the Alliance and its leadership of involvement in the bombing that destroyed a house in Fayoum's Abshway town and killed 3 anti-coup citizens.

A press statement issued on Saturday said: "The National Alliance rejects any heinous attempts to lay any blame on it or its leaders with regard to this tragic incident. The interior ministry must realize that the Egyptian people are no longer fooled by these dirty methods of fabricating charges to tarnish the image of honorable sons and daughters of this homeland.

"Will the truth of who is really behind this tragic incident be revealed anytime soon? Or will it be like all similar bombings we have witnessed since the ruinous black coup and which the interior ministry used in their mass media machine to cover up their heinous crimes, and then deliberately buried the details so as not to be condemned by the public?"

On Friday evening, the Alliance's Fayoum office launched three massive demonstrations that set out from the Maghazi, Montaza and Mohavza mosques, in response to the bombing incident that hit the city earlier in the morning.

The Alliance has vowed that the third of July 2014 protests will continue, stressing that the recent bombing incident in the city will not force revolutionary Egyptians to abandon their peaceful approach.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum

Cairo: Saturday – July 5, 2014
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