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Qutb Al-Arabi: Egypt Media Freedom Systematically Demolished Under Military Rule
Qutb Al-Arabi: Egypt Media Freedom Systematically Demolished Under Military Rule
Egyptian journalist Al-Arabi denounces jailing of media professionals by military-controlled judges.
Tuesday, June 24,2014 05:39

 Qutb Al-Arabi, journalist and leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood's journalism committee, condemned the verdict issued Monday that unjustly jailed 18 defendants in the "Al-Jazeera" lawsuit, including 12 media professionals, for periods ranging from 7 to 10 years.

"Next wave of military repression will be even worse for media freedom in Egypt, under military rule... Most journalists and media workers kept eerily quiet about the crime of the military coup d'etat itself. Indeed, some of them even collaborated with the military. Today they are paying a heavy price, with erosion or even demolition of their liberty and the freedom of their profession, which flourished in a brighter era under democratic rule, after the January 25 Revolution, and especially under Mohamed Morsi, the elected civilian President of Egypt."
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