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Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Al-Shater: Military Rule Will End
Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Al-Shater: Military Rule Will End
Cairo Criminal Court postpones farcical "Guidance Office" trial to June 23 to hear witness accounts.
Thursday, June 19,2014 23:02

In the first interview since his arrest after the military coup (since July 2013), Khairat Al-Shater, Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman, assured that military rule in Egypt will soon fall.

During a hearing court session of a totally fabricated case against him, in notorious Tora Prison (south of Cairo), Al-Shater said: "We must purge the country of military putschists. This military coup is a non-stop, day and night, soap opera. God will soon reveal the putschists' dark secrets. Down, down with military rule. The Revolution will triumph, soon.

"It is neither absurd, nor hard to understand, that the commander who grabbed power in this homeland, and now illegitimately rules Egypt, plunders and loots honest citizens' stores. God will soon bring fair and swift retribution on him and his cronies."

Al-Shater pointed that he and his business partners would not leave or abandon Egypt, his homeland, saying: "God will help us triumph over the oppressors. Soon, Egypt's legitimate President Mohamed Morsi will come back, and we will meet again in Tahrir Square.

"We will not stop. We will not give in. We will not sell out. We are staying on in Egypt, in spite of the military."


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