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Muslim Brotherhood: The People Will Ultimately Triumph
Muslim Brotherhood: The People Will Ultimately Triumph
The people's Revolution will soon topple the vain dictators who use repression and violence to muzzle all opponents amid world community silence.
Thursday, June 19,2014 06:21


Tyranny is the most important reason for a nation's downfall:

Our Arab and Muslim nation is at a very critical, very important juncture in its history, as it seeks with steeled resolve to move away from the underdevelopment and backwardness imposed by colonialism, by the hands of authoritarian governments. The repressive tyrants used the worst and most severe practices of cruelty and recklessness to control the nation and keep it in that permanent backwardness and failure. This tyranny is the primary reason behind the weakness that always prevented the nation from undertaking a determined civilized moral effort for freedom, democracy, scientific progress and national independence.

In the era of tyranny and despotism, the nation suffered rulers who dragged it – with their whims and desires – to backwardness and failure. Those rulers ignited and stoked the flames of sectarian strife among the people to ensure they remained scientifically backward, socially fragmented and economically deprived - and therefore unable to even think about such 'unattainable' luxuries as democracy, political freedom or cultural renaissance.

It is no surprise at all that colonialism and the American-Zionist  project warmly welcome these rulers, actively work to empower them to weaken the nation, and persuade them to oppose attempts at revival and advancement that can liberate the nation from the shackles of dependency on the West, threaten its interests in exploiting and looting the homeland's wealth, or prevent Zionists from achieving their goals in our homelands.

Eruption of the Arab Spring:

Despite these enormous pressures, the spirit of faith and revolution in the nation has erupted in a powerful revolt, shaking the pillars of tyranny. It is endeavoring to get rid of despotism's heavy and wicked legacy and to rejuvenate the nation so it can do its civilized duty by seeking to positively connect and coexist in a balanced peaceful manner with all other nations and the diverse cultures of the world. It is also endeavoring to practically give the world an impression of the real essence of the Islamic civilization, its tolerance, openness to others, and its historic and honorable stance of holding principles above interests, noble human values ​​above fleeting material gain. Moreover, it endeavors to contribute to the achievement of world peace on our planet, weary of wars and injustices.

The counter-revolution:

Needless to say, it would be irrational to imagine that the pillars of tyranny and the patrons of despotism at home and abroad will come back to their senses and simply go along with this inspirational cultural effort, although it does hold a lot of promise for them and for humanity in general. This is because they are so accustomed to their false sense of superiority, they think lightly of our people, our nation.

Thus, forgetting everything they said and reiterated about their belief in freedom and the values ​​of democracy and pluralism and how they pride themselves on all that, those patrons of tyranny made and are still making tremendous and comprehensive efforts to kill this revolutionary flame. Following their same old ways, they support oppression and excessive security-force violence. They incite sectarian strife, and deepen division and hatred among the people and among political and national currents. They also drive the nation towards civil wars, destruction and chaos, and they support forces of corruption – who hate reform in general, and reform based on Islamic principles in particular.

We can see the effects of this, very clearly, in the murderous military coup against the Egyptian Revolution, in their justification of crushing all the values ​​of democracy and humanity, in the blind acceptance of false claims of fighting terrorism, and in the way those patrons of tyranny overlook the unprecedented horrendous bloodshed and inhuman violations by the coup commanders and cronies against anyone who dares oppose them with free thought or patriotic opinions.

We also see the effects of this in hesitant and wavering attitudes in the face of the ugly killing machine of the Baathists in Syria, who did not hesitate to use even internationally banned chemical weapons in the killing of Syrians. Those Syrians who – even if they escape the chemical weapons and explosive barrels, fall into a painful death from hunger and homelessness, all while the so-called international community watches without moving a finger, justifying this cowardly inaction by feeble claims of extremist elements being present among the ranks of Syrian resistance.

We further see the effects of this very clearly in the way the patrons of despotism handle the situation in Iraq. The world kept absurdly quiet regarding the bloody-minded ethnic tyranny practiced by the sectarian government, until the people rose in revolt for freedom, rejecting the continuing torrent of injustices against them. Instead of asking the unjust rulers to halt the injustice and to grant the people their natural rights, the patrons of tyranny clamor to distort the Iraqi revolution, wrongly attributing it to one faction or another in order to find a false moral justification to fight it, under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Corrupt dictators inside Iraq and their supporters abroad aid and urge one another to foment sectarian strife in order to weaken the wide-based people's revolution.

The Revolution will continue until it achieves freedom, justice and dignity:

In light of all this, we say clearly and loudly: The Revolution of this nation is firm on its path towards achieving free will and dignity, establishing its cultural character – tolerant and open to the world, seeking to stabilize global peace. We call on all people of conscience, all those – of our nation – who are loyal and loving to their home countries, irrespective of their positions of power or their political orientations, to listen to the voice of the people rising in revolt, respond to the demands of the just Revolution, and accept and fulfill the hopes of the nation's youth to live in freedom, human dignity and social justice.

It has invariably been God's promise: to support oppressed peoples with victory over vain tyrants. God said: "It is Our will to grant a favor to those oppressed on earth by appointing them leaders and heirs of the land" (Quran, 28:5).

Meanwhile, supporters of counter-revolutions have not learnt the lessons of history. They do not realize the enormous changes imposed by the reality of the situation among the nation's youth, who insist on reclaiming freedom and dignity, like all free nations of the world. Once ignited, revolutions do not subside until they reach their goals. It would be better for the counter-revolution camps to reconsider their positions and comply with the will of the people, before they are forced to leave their positions – just when they think they got it made.

As for patriotic revolutionaries, we call on them to strengthen the bonds of unity among themselves, and give no opportunity to those who want to sow discord and spread hatred. We urge all loyal citizens to strengthen popular support for their revolt, to reject all invitations to divide the people of this one homeland, and to turn – first and foremost – to God Almighty for ultimate victory. Indeed… "God has full control of all affairs, but most people do not know."

Cairo: June 17, 2014
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