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Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie to Egyptians: Defend Freedom of Expression
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie to Egyptians: Defend Freedom of Expression
Brotherhood leader Badie slams oppression and the ferocious onslaught against freedom of speech in Egypt under military rule and the coup regime.
Wednesday, June 18,2014 13:08

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, condemned ongoing suppression of freedoms and the muzzling of mouths under the coup regime.

During his speech to the media, inside a courtroom, during another hearing of the trumped-up case known in the media as Rabaa Operations Room, Dr. Badie addressed all Egyptians saying: "Defend your freedom; defend freedom of expression".

Dr. Badie added that he was saddened by the oppressive treatment dealt to journalists by coup security forces that banned them from presenting the whole picture during the trials, in reference to intervention by security forces in the court hall, more than once, to prevent the filming of the accused during their speeches.

"Mark the difference between the freedom of the media in the era of President Mohamed Morsi, where some even attacked the President and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the situation now – with all the violent suppression of freedoms and intolerable muzzling of mouths."

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