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Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Aref: Severe Treatment, Extreme Violations in Coup Jails
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Aref: Severe Treatment, Extreme Violations in Coup Jails
The Muslim Brotherhood's spokesman Ahmed Aref stresses that despite all its repression and violence, the coup will soon be defeated, its commanders and cronies overthrown.
Wednesday, June 18,2014 12:51

During his trial Tuesday in the completely fabricated case known in the media as Rabaa Operations Room lawsuit, with 50 other opponents of the military coup, Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, revealed that he is subjected to all forms of violations in his cell inside the notorious high-security Aqrab (Scorpion) prison.

"I have to sleep right on the floor every day. They even prevent me from performing the daily prayers. And no-one wants to listen or open an investigation into harsh treatment  incidents that constitute a clear violation of human rights. I demand an immediate release from this illegal detention.

"This murderous military coup will soon be defeated. I will be released soon, notwithstanding the coup regime."

Separately, Walid Shalaby, media advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman – also being tried in the same trumped-up case, revealed that he is being threatened with torture and death inside the same Aqrab Prison.

He said they were surprised by a violent police raid in their cells, where officers armed with automatic weapons threatened to shoot dead anyone who moved. Then, they were trapped, locked up in their cells for a whole week.

Shalaby asked the court to investigate the abuses suffered by detainees in coup prisons, which are contrary to the law, norms and human rights.

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