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Libya Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Terror, Military Coups; Urges National Dialogue
Libya Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Terror, Military Coups; Urges National Dialogue
In a statement issued Thursday evening, the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya reiterates its firm stance against terror and military coups, and urges all parties to resolve conflicts through dialogue.
Friday, May 23,2014 05:47

 Libya's Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement:

The Muslim Brotherhood is aware of the precarious nature of the current stage and the magnitude of the dangers that threaten the cohesion of the state and national unity. Honorable citizens have been making serious efforts for a comprehensive solution. The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood continues to support these efforts and stresses the following:

1 – Fighting between the citizens of this one homeland is most abominable in the eyes of the law, the faith, customs and traditions.

2 – The Muslim Brotherhood was always and still is firmly against terror and all those who stand behind any acts of violence or terror, whoever they are. The Brotherhood has repeatedly and strongly condemned – in all its statements and stances – all killings, assassinations, terrorist attacks and deliberate demonization of the other. We also condemn the failure of authorities to disclose results of investigations into killings and assassinations.

3 – We urge all parties to respect and commit to the democratic path of transformation, to embrace the mechanisms of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power, and to reject methods involving military coups and use of force to achieve political gains.

4 – There is an urgent need to lay all the rules necessary to build the army, the police and all other security institutions, without sacrificing the objectives of the February 17 Revolution.

In conclusion, we exhort all parties to shoulder their historic responsibilities. The solution can only be  found at the negotiating table and through a national dialogue that transcends all factional, partisan or regional demands and ambitions, and through a national accord that takes the homeland out of its crisis and moves it on, towards security and stability.

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday, May 22, 2014
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