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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Badie: No One Can Enslave Egyptians
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Badie: No One Can Enslave Egyptians
Facing a list of ludicrous, clearly trumped up charges, the 70-year old veterinary professor and Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (Dr. Badie) reiterates commitment to non-violence.
Monday, May 12,2014 14:03

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said Sunday that "no one can enslave the people of Egypt".

This came in a speech by Dr. Badie at the start of a session in Cairo Criminal Court, held at the Police Academy in Torah (south of Cairo), at the start of another farcical trial of Badie and 50 other Brotherhood leaders and members in the case known in the media as the "Rabaa Square operations room" lawsuit.

Dr. Badie said the Revolution would continue peacefully, adding that: "No one will enslave the Egyptian people. No one will humiliate them. Although we were born free, freedom requires sacrifice".

Dr. Badie, sentenced to death Wednesday, said "death for the sake of God is our highest hope. No one but God will take our souls, in due course".

Behind Dr. Badie, the other defendants chanted "God is Great", "The Revolution Will Go On", and "Down Down with military rule".

Dr. Badie concluded his speech saying: "We have God's true promise. We are confident of God's victory".

Earlier (at the end of April 2014), Minya Criminal Court passed a mass death sentence against 683 supporters of the elected President Morsi, including Dr. Badie, rushing their cases to the Grand Mufti of Egypt to authorize the execution.

In February (2014), the Egyptian prosecution service referred Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie and 50 other leaders to the Criminal Court on charges of "setting up an operations room in order to defy and resist the State" during the violent breakup of the pro-Morsi Rabaa Square sit-in (August 14, 2013), by brutal coup forces.

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