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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Praises Persistent Peaceful Anti-Coup Students Action
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Praises Persistent Peaceful Anti-Coup Students Action
Egypt's nationwide coalition against junta repression urges continued commitment to non-violence in all protest action and activity, despite all provocations.
Sunday, April 6,2014 05:10

 To all revolutionaries seeking freedom for Egypt…

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance appreciates and praises your great efforts. You have answered the call boldly, selflessly, and your millions gained new grounds and supporters, and carried a clear and decisive message to the coup regime of fabricated bombing incidents.

Your resilience and persistence is frustrating the putschists' plots, as repeatedly millions of people all over the country firmly say: "Neither the illegitimate new exceptional and terrorism laws, nor the junta's paid thugs or terrorist militias will intimidate us. Repression and security solutions will not work against the Revolution and the revolutionaries. Your murdering of your own men will not taint peaceful protesters. The Egyptian people will not be fooled by your heinous murderous plots, which will certainly fail soon".

To our President, our hero, Mohamed Morsi… to all steadfast men and women behind the walls of injustice…

With their total lack of insight, the traitorous putschists thought the complete subjugation of the judiciary was an opportunity to destroy your resolve and determination to reclaim your rights. But you continue to write new leafs of a glorious history with your persistent non-violent struggle to defeat prison injustice forever, in step with the people's continued protests against the treasonous coup.

To all patriotic revolutionaries…

History bows to your persistence and perseverance. Your commitment to peaceful protest is shaking the terrorist junta that is desperately trying to rule over the Egyptian people with oppression, tyranny and treachery. Continue your Revolution in the "Students Struggle" week of protest action, led by students of the University of Al-Azhar.

It has become clear for all that there is a deliberate attempt to eliminate Al-Azhar as a value, a symbol of Egyptian, Arab and Islamic identity, and to eliminate all the bearers of its flags. Continue to protect Egypt, its army and its institutions against the vain ambitions of corrupt traitors, murderers and their collaborators and henchmen.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: April 5, 2014
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