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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Commander Presidential Bid
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Commander Presidential Bid
A notorious military commander, a murderer who killed thousands of innocent civilians, a disgraceful liar who betrays every solemn oath he takes, will run for Egypt's top post amid brutal repression and unspeakable human rights violations –the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in a climate certainly unsuitable for elections.
Friday, March 28,2014 13:52

 Now, the truth has emerged, and all doubts, arguments and fake masks are gone. More vividly than ever, it is clear that what happened on July 3, 2013 was certainly a military coup executed to eliminate the new system of democratic civilian governance and to seize power as a prelude to repressive military rule.

On Wednesday (March 26, 2014) the coup commander officially declared he will seek the presidency. He had sworn many solemn oaths on several occasions that neither he nor the military council sought to rule Egypt.

But this treachery is hardly surprising, since Al-Sisi already betrayed oaths he swore to respect the country's Constitution and the system of governance. Moreover, in his military uniform, he announced news of his presidential candidacy, and did not say anywhere in his speech whether his would be civil or military rule.

Does anyone, at home or abroad, still entertain any doubts that this was indeed a military coup? Notably, Al-Sisi announced his decision to run for president using all state-run TV channels – which means he is already illegally exploiting state institutions for personal purposes and interests.

We hold that this illegitimate coup and all consequent processes and actions are null and void, even if they are 'covered' with sham referendums or elections. Real democratic legitimacy is still in place, derived from the will of the people as expressed in five free and fair votes. Hence, the legitimate Constitution, Parliament and the President remain in place, despite all the junta's repression and aggression.

Egyptians have fought for so long to establish a civil democratic system of governance, and to rid this homeland of military regimes based on dictatorial rule. The people achieved this ​​for a period of one year, until the defense minister turned on them, seeking to be president of the republic after nearly 40 years in the military.

In the nine months since the coup, we have found Al-Sisi to be:

- A deceitful traitor who regularly betrays his oaths and breaks his covenants.

- A mass murderer who does not respect the sanctity of life or blood. He led the unspeakable massacres described by Amnesty International as the worst in the history of modern Egypt.

- A saboteur who corrupted Egyptian justice, handing down death sentences to 529 people in a cursory trial that lasted only two sessions, totaling twenty minutes – a verdict described by international human rights organizations as the worst judgment in the history of mankind. Thus Egypt under the junta has taken its place at the forefront of nations with the most horrendous massacres and grotesque judicial rulings.

- A dictator who arbitrarily arrested more than twenty-three thousand of Egypt's best and most patriotic men, women, young people, girls and children, and subjecting them to systematic torture in prisons, and continues to kill peaceful protesters in the streets and squares across Egypt.

- A coward who used the country's military to raid Egypt's own towns and villages with tanks and aircraft, while he never fought one single war against the enemies of the nation.

- An oppressor who shuttered all satellite TV channels and newspapers that voiced dissent, and brutally muzzled all media professionals who aired any opposing views.

- A false pretender who claims to have great compassion for all Egyptians, as he violently quells all peaceful protesters, and promises to eliminate subsidies on goods all at once, and to sacrifice two whole generations of the Egyptian people so the third would have a good life.

He further said that his presidential platform will not be 'traditional', in the sense that he will talk to the people – if he ever does – from a distance, through TV screens. This shows that he fears to face the people in real rallies, because he knows that people in many households seek to avenge the loved ones he and his forces killed in cold blood, injured or detained, and he knows very well how people will confront him if he ever came out to them.

We are certain that the patriotic people of Egypt, the honorable revolutionaries of this homeland, who are determined to overthrow the junta, will step up their ongoing peaceful creative protests. Many patriotic people join them every day, people who at last realize that the murderous putschists had tricked them away from their hopes for their country and their fellow Egyptians, believing in God's timely help and ultimate victory.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: March 27, 2014
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