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Osama Morsi: Coup Commanders, Collaborators Share Power-Grab
Osama Morsi: Coup Commanders, Collaborators Share Power-Grab
President Morsi's son, Osama, says coup masterminds are now openly going for the chair, over many Egyptians' dead bodies.
Thursday, March 27,2014 19:24

Osama Morsi, the son of elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, said: "Now, it turns out the coup against Egypt's legitimate President Morsi had nothing to do with the country's stability or preventing a rupture in society (both crises are much worse now than ever before). The treasonous coup was obviously executed to satisfy the greed of a traitor – who betrayed his solemn oath to the President and the nation – and his comrades and their lust for power, over the dead bodies of many innocent Egyptians and through the arbitrary arrest of thousands of innocent citizens and suppression, even grizzly murder, of women, girls and young people.

"Now, that the picture is sharper in focus, it is clear that the leaders of a full-fledged military coup d'etat against the democratic process are sharing power amongst themselves. But Egypt is greater than those treasonous putschists, their heinous coup and their lust for power. The will of the Egyptian people will triumph over the junta, using all peaceful forms of defiance and resistance."

Osama added: "The Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will remain steadfast, resilient, true to the covenant he made to the people, committed to the democratic process, rejecting this murderous military coup and all its processes, procedures and actions. He will not rest until the coup leaders – and all those who shed blood of Egyptians – are brought to justice, and until Egypt's freedom and democracy are restored".

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