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Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Egyptian Women Suffer Inhuman Coup Crimes
Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Egyptian Women Suffer Inhuman Coup Crimes
As mothers, sisters, wives or daughters, women reside in the gentler, more tender part of our hearts and our lives, and are loved, respected and protected.
Tuesday, March 11,2014 13:22

 The heinous coup has upended everything in Egypt, destroyed all goodness, all we hold dear, and violated all humanitarian and religious principles. The junta made no exception for women who came out to exercise their right as human beings to express their opinion and to peacefully protest against the coup and its heinous crimes.

The junta ordered their snipers to deliberately and fatally shoot women, young and old, in the head, the heart and chest. They killed young girls in the prime of life, as well as ladies over sixty or even seventy years of age.

Under junta rule, women are assaulted, detained in places not fit for human habitation, and held at notorious prisons packed with hardened criminals. They are treated with the utmost ignominy, contempt and cruelty, insulted, abused and beaten. They are forced to undergo most humiliating so-called virginity and pregnancy tests in most inappropriate conditions.

We have witnessed some of them, especially female students of Al-Azhar University, beaten severely during their arrest, then dragged on asphalt, to be thrown in police and military vehicles, then taken to detention centers, prisons and police stations.

The junta's criminal brutality has afflicted all age groups as well as all social and professional segments, including very vulnerable elderly women, pregnant women, young girls as young as 15, college students and housewives, just for raising Rabaa defiance signs, for chanting 'Freedom for Egypt' or 'Reinstate Legitimacy' – or for just protesting the murderous treasonous coup.

Most tragically, the judiciary is clearly complicit in this barbaric aggression. Pro-military judges have condemned many innocent women – some just little young girls – to prison terms of up to 11 years on ludicrous false charges, such as carrying weapons, attacking the police, disturbing public peace, and attacking public and private property, amongst many other false accusations.

More stunning is the National Council for Women's and human rights organizations' deafening silence as they witness women arrested, beaten, lynched, dragged on asphalt, jailed, judged unjustly, and even murdered, although they, earlier-on, filled the world with deafening screams and strident vociferation with regard to topics far less important than those evident abuses.

Now, on the International Women's Day, hundreds of our daughters, sisters and wives are killed, imprisoned, or being detained, locked away awaiting trials, with no-one interested in investigating those murders and other violations against Egyptian women. Their killers and abusers may have even been honored and promoted, rewarded for abandoning all their humanity, honor and chivalry.

The revolutionary men and women of Egypt will not rest or sleep until they free those women and girls, even before the men. They will also liberate the whole country from the junta's repressive regime and their criminal coup. They will liberate the people from the large prison in which they all now live. They will exact retribution on their oppressors.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo, March 9, 2014
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