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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Majestic Anti-Coup Revolutionary Week
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Majestic Anti-Coup Revolutionary Week
The nationwide coalition fighting the coup in Egypt calls for "The Corrupt Will Not Rule Over Us" week of peaceful protests and demonstrations against the illegitimate coup and its brutal repressive practices.
Saturday, March 1,2014 18:05

 To all patriotic revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Corruption has spread throughout our dear homeland, while economic and social conditions deteriorated; prisons are filled with the oppressed and the innocent, while the judiciary is out of service; and the whole country is in ruins. Meanwhile, general Al-Sisi and his collaborators persist in their heinous traitorous crimes to demolish everything and burn the homeland. But this will not happen.

We solemnly swear by God Almighty that Egypt will not be pushed back to the repression, injustice and persecution of the times before the January 25 Revolution, and that we will not be ruled over by the corrupt ever again. Free Ukraine brings hope to our hearts, and provides a good model. So, move forward with confidence and hope.

To all patriotic revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Your revolutionary action continues to expand, take root and gain ground. The workers and the poor, farmers and all the people of Egypt are inspired by your resilient steadfastness and your persistent revolt. So, continue this peaceful action in another majestic revolutionary week under the title "The Corrupt Will Not Rule Over Us".

Let all the people of Egypt, outraged by the junta's murderous repressive practices, close ranks and rally on the path of the Revolution, for it is the solution, hope and salvation. Foreign agendas, plots and schemes will not benefit the traitors.

Down with the junta, the patron of corruption and chaos.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: February 27, 2014
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