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Egypt Students Union Vice-President Slams Return of State Police on Campus
Egypt Students Union Vice-President Slams Return of State Police on Campus
Students union rejects positioning of coup security police within university campuses as a further setback in the fight for freedom.
Tuesday, February 25,2014 11:43

Ahmed Al-Baqri, Vice-President of the Egyptian Students Union (ESU) refused the court order to bring back state police to university campuses across Egypt as a return to the era of deposed president Hosni Mubarak

In a statement, Al-Baqri said: "This ruling will be ignored, just like the earlier one that granted university staff arrest powers. Moreover, the harsh verdicts against all students will not break us. They will increase our determination and steadfastness".

He mentioned an imminent prosecution of the coup government in international forums, saying: "As students, we will sue this government in international courts. The Free Students Observatory has issued accurate figures and statistics against this regime, including 196 martyrs and 1118 detainees, detailing the location from which each student was arrested and the type of bullet that killed each student... We will hand in these files in the next Human Rights meeting in Geneva.

"The size of the student movement now is the real reason behind the putschists' fear of the beginning of the second semester. That is why they postponed it. In fact, they have a definite intention to cancel the second semester altogether this year."

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