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MB Critcizes Media Coverage of President Morsi, Legal Adviser Leaked Recording
MB Critcizes Media Coverage of President Morsi, Legal Adviser Leaked Recording
The Muslim Brotherhood denounces the lack of professionalism of certain news outlets regarding their recent coverage of an illegally leaked recording of a private conversation between President Mohamed Morsi and his legal adviser El-Awa.
Friday, February 21,2014 07:51

A private conversation between President Morsi and Mohamed Selim El-Awa,  in which they discuss a number of topics including the growing Anti-Coup protests across Egypt was illegally recorded and leaked. A number of news outlets misquoted President Morsi as having said that protests are “useless”. This is completely false and had these outlets done their job verifying the recording, they would have discovered that this comment was not even made by President Morsi, and what he had actually said was taken out of context. Below is the actual translated transcript of the part of the conversation in which the protests are mentioned:

El-Awa: We are in a non-fruitful action, fruitful action is different, it necessitates dialogue to reach a solution. Without reaching a solution, Dr. Mohamed, this is useless... useless... and... I... mean...

President Morsi: It's useless both ways, that is what you mean, right?

El-Awa: I'm saying this is futile to each side, it is futile for Egypt indeed...

The Muslim Brotherhood requests that all news outlets amend their reports of this story and commit to the basic standards of credible journalism.

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