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Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls More Peaceful Protests, Escalation over Weekend
Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls More Peaceful Protests, Escalation over Weekend
Egypt's coalition of parties and movements defending democracy appreciates and praises the millions of loyal revolutionary people who turn out in majestic marches across the nation against the brutal coup every day, affirming that victory is near.
Sunday, February 2,2014 05:41

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement to the patriotic people of Egypt:

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Your message was clear, full of defiance, revolutionary resistance and resilience. Resolve has not faded away in your hearts. The long road has not prevented you from heeding the call. You turn out in millions throughout the day, everyday, to impose your will, on the ground, despite coup bullets, brutality and terror.

The beginning of the "Steadfastness… Loyalty to the Martyrs" week of revolutionary action was indeed most encouraging. Its inspiring icon, the true hero Mohamed Shanawany was killed by coup forces although he was a disabled, wheelchair-bound person.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Let us continue our peaceful revolutionary escalation with creative and innovative resistance. Let us mass on Saturday in all parts of the country, in all liberty squares, in solidarity with the legitimate elected President and his companions who stand steadfast for a new session of the epic farces, the many show-trials on false charges trumped up by coup authorities. This will also mark the second anniversary of the heinous Port Said stadium massacre, whose real murderers have not been tried until today.

Let us rise in revolt on Sunday in raging majestic demonstrations, to commemorate the third anniversary of the Battle of the Camel, an important milestone in the history of the January 25 Revolution. Its criminals have been acquitted of all charges by men of the counter-revolution and forces complicit with them. With your majestic peaceful protests at home and abroad, remind the whole world of the mad military junta's crimes and the atrocities of ousted Mubarak's cronies and the remnants of his regime. Renew you pledge to seek retribution from them.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Our words are precise and responsible. Our vision of the persistent yet ever-changing revolutionary scene is well-known.

The great sacrifices are inevitable, unavoidable, in the face of the repressive dictators. We have great confidence in you.

The passage of every day proves further that your youth leadership is the putschists' worst nightmare. It will lead this country to recovery, after the fall of the coup, and a bright future where there will be no place for the corrupt, the despots or traitors.

Management of action on the ground is all up to you, during this escalation wave, in order to reclaim the January 25 Revolution. So, push boldly forward. Falsehood is collapsing fast, even though it seems full of pomp and arrogance.

Falsehood will last but a fleeting moment, while truth will last forever.

God is Great…

Down with the regime: the generals, corrupt judiciary and the treacherous media

One Revolution.. One blood.. One murderer

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Cairo: January 31, 2014
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