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Bishr: Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Police Officer Assassination
Bishr: Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Police Officer Assassination
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Bishr condemns Tuesday assassination of police general, and places responsibility on government for violent incidents.
Tuesday, January 28,2014 16:47

The Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the assassination of an Egyptian police officer on Tuesday morning.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry announced the assassination of Major General Mohamed Saad-Eddin, Director of the Technical Office of the Minister of Interior, in the Talibeya area - west of Cairo.

Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, leading member of both Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance and former Local Development Minister, said: "These repeated acts of violence are totally unacceptable. The Government bears full responsibility for them. The Ministry of the Interior and the Cabinet insist on lawlessness and chaos.

"Serious efforts must be made to bring criminals to trial, and serious investigations must be conducted. This is not  a matter for arbitrary accusations against innocent citizens… Fair-minded people in Egypt must act to uphold law and order."

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