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Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Hails People Boycott of Sham Referendum
Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Hails People Boycott of Sham Referendum
Egypt's pro-democracy coalition of movements, groups and parties renews calls for continued peaceful revolutionary boycott of false vote.
Thursday, January 16,2014 07:57

 The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance appreciates and praises the role of our great revolutionary Egyptian people in the positive boycott of the junta's referendum on this historical day, Tuesday (January 14). The Alliance vows to move forth on the path of the Revolution, for the sake of the homeland, to achieve retribution for the martyrs, of whom 11 were killed Tuesday, including one child, by heinous coup security forces.

Marking the passage of five months since the Rabaa and Nahda massacres, the Alliance affirms that the shedding by the junta of Egyptian blood and abduction of more anti-coup peaceful protesters, including underage girls and female students, holding them hostage in prisons and detention centers, are all clear signs of the coup's weakness. This further fans the fires that threaten to burn our dear homeland.

The Alliance accuses coup authorities, as well as their organizations, media and spokespersons, of broadcasting misinformation and fabricating thousands of utter lies in an attempt to create a delusion to mislead the public and hide the junta's early defeat that exposed how little support they have.

Participation in the sham referendum was low in Cairo and Lower Egypt, and even lower in Upper Egypt, reaching between 5 and 10 percent of registered voters, at the most, according to careful monitoring in all the provinces, although the junta regime returned to systematic forgery, fraud and manipulation of voter rates. In reality, those rates echoed earlier ones of participation (or lack of it) by Egyptians abroad, in the last few days.

We renew our call for the continuation of the non-violent revolutionary boycott of the rigged polls Wednesday.

We also renew our call for all Egyptians to persist in peaceful positive revolutionary activities Wednesday, mobilizing all efforts to enforce the boycott on the ground. The coup is falling. It will not last long. Indeed, "they think it's far away; and we see it very near" (Quran 70:6&7).

Down with the referendum of blood, death and treason.

Long live Egypt and its proud patriotic people.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Cairo: January 14, 2014
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