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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement on Coup Forces Violence Against Peaceful Protesters
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement on Coup Forces Violence Against Peaceful Protesters
Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance condemns the violent repression of peaceful protests, and the sham referendum held by coup leaders on the Egyptians' blood; and calls for a complete boycott of the vote and a continuous escalation in peaceful revolutionary action.
Saturday, January 11,2014 22:08

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance salutes the epic steadfastness of the unarmed Egyptian revolutionaries against the excessive brutality and violence of the junta and their brutal forces.

Agents of the Zionist entity and the US refused to let a day pass without new terror crimes, spilling more blood of the free Egyptians. This time, in the province of Suez, the icon of the January 25 Revolution, an unarmed demonstrator was shot dead by the militias of Sidqi Subhi, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and Mohamed Ibrahim. This assures all, yet again, that the heinous coup commanders and collaborators thrive on the Egyptian people's blood, and that the rigged referendum in fact comes on Egyptians' dead bodies, but it will not last for long

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

The Alliance blesses your struggle in all liberty squares across Egypt, and offers sincere condolences to the martyrs' families. It condemns the continued arbitrary arrests and cowardly targeting of women and girls, and even mosques. Your imposing millions and your revolutionary escalation, and the effective boycott of the sham referendum by Egyptians abroad reaffirm the obvious fact that your revolutionary generation came just in time to meet the demands of the noble people: freedom, democracy, justice and national independence. Indeed, the continuation of the loathsome crimes accelerates the hour of victory, the final defeat of the coup.

To all those still hesitant within the putschists’ camp, at this decisive moment of your homeland's history…

Voting "no" is now equal to "yes": the junta's repression and terror no longer differentiate between those who boycott and those who say "No". Close ranks, unite, and fail the false vote. Boycott the rigged referendum. Do not give an opportunity to any agents, traitors or coward killers to gain more control over you.

To all loyal revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

There is no alternative but to restore freedom and dignity for our people and our dear homeland. We have many consecutive revolutionary rounds that will achieve the people's demands and goals. Continue the revolutionary escalation of the peaceful resistance with ingenuity and devotion. Complete the mobilization of efforts towards the revolutionary boycott throughout the week.

Allah is Great... Down with the referendum of traitors and agents.

God bless Egypt and its proud people.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: January 10, 2014


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