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Freedom and Justice Party Slams Junta Violations of Prisoner and Detainee Rights
Freedom and Justice Party Slams Junta Violations of Prisoner and Detainee Rights
With all the murderous vivid violations of human rights going on daily, against unarmed civilians, since the illegitimate military coup in Egypt, international rights organizations must act promptly or risk losing credibility.
Saturday, January 11,2014 08:23

Day after day, the fascist junta reveal its ugly face and its criminal discourse, with flagrant violations of all human rights guaranteed by Islamic and international laws. The latest of these violations is the inhumane treatment suffered by thousands of detainees and prisoners in junta jails and detention centers, where their lives are threatened. An example of that is the revolutionary hero Mohamed Beltagy's deteriorating health, as seen in the recent session of his farcical trial, although he only asks for the most basic of human rights for those in 'precautionary detention', and an investigation into the killing of his daughter at the hands of this fascist regime.

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) rejects and condemns all these abuses, and calls on the United Nations, international institutions and human rights organizations, and countries that uphold human rights to interfere positively to stop these abuses and hold to task all those responsible for violations. The FJP announces to the Egyptian people and the whole world that all the junta's criminal practices will not prevent it from defying and resisting the coup. The FJP will insist on completely overthrowing the putschists, in order to restore rights, legitimacy and justice in this homeland. Then, these criminals will not escape retribution for the crimes they have committed. The hour of reckoning is onto them.

God is Great… Long live Egypt.

The Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: January 10, 2014

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