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Junta Forces Kill Nineteen Anti-Coup Peaceful Protesters on Friday
Junta Forces Kill Nineteen Anti-Coup Peaceful Protesters on Friday
At least 19 protesters are killed, dozens injured and hundreds arrested until 9PM (7GMT) on Friday, as the putschists continue use of brutal force against unarmed demonstrators.
Saturday, January 4,2014 22:11

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance announced that 19 protesters were killed, by 9PM, during events organized as part of the "The People Ignite the Revolution" week of peaceful protest activities across Egypt.

Seventeen protesters were killed by coup forces in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, Fayoum and Minya: two in Ismailia, two in Fayoum, two in Minya, three in Alexandria, five in Maadi (Cairo), two in Nasr City (Cairo), and one in Helmeya Square (Cairo).

Some names and details of Friday’s martyrs:

In Ismailia: Musaab Mustafa Mohamed and Mahmoud Ismail.

Maadi, Cairo: Hossam Noureddine, Mohamed Mustafa, Mohamed Amr, Mohamed Yehya, and Mohamed Abdel-Moneim.

Nasr City, Cairo: Bilal Mohamed Mahmoud (student) and Hassan Nasrallah (student).

Alexandria: Zaynab (82 years), Yusuf Issa, and Abdel-Rahman Essam.

Minya: Adel Talaat.

Fayoum: Sayed Ashri Aweys and Mahmoud Ali Abdul-Aziz.

A short while ago, two more anti-coup protesters were killed in Cairo from injuries they received during demonstrations last week, namely: Osama Hammam Suleiman (30 years old, live bullet in the head, Ain Shams), and Mukhtar Ibrahim (40 years, Marg district).


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