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Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Arrest of Al Jazeera English Journalists in Cairo
Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Arrest of Al Jazeera English Journalists in Cairo
The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the arrest of three Aljazeera English journalists today under ludicrous charges of being part of a "Muslim Brotherhood cell".
Monday, December 30,2013 06:29

 Mohamed Fawzy, Peter Greste and Mohamed Fadel Fahmy were arrested today at the Marriot hotel where they were staying. 

We deplore the junta's craven policy of silencing any dissident voices, including those reporting the atrocities being committed. 

We reject the junta's categorisation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation and reiterate our consistent stance that the junta is illegitimate and has betrayed all principles of the January 25th revolution. We hold that all journalists should be free to do their job irrespective of their political affiliation.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls for immediate release of all journalists and political prisoners, regardless of creed and political affiliation.
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