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Egypt Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls Revolutionary Rage Friday
Egypt Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Calls Revolutionary Rage Friday
Pro-democracy coalition of parties and groups opposed to the military coup in Egypt is determined to avoid the civil war promoted and driven by junta generals.
Saturday, December 28,2013 21:11

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement Friday evening:

Egypt has spoken, defied coup terror, rallied millions of protesting patriotic citizens and entrenched the ever rising popular revolt. With ingenuity and peacefulness, millions of people across Egypt challenged coup forces’ desperate attempts to brutally quell their non-violent protests. They made ​​it clear to all, inside Egypt and abroad, that the Revolution is the ultimate arbitrator. They buried the decisions and rulings of treachery, aggression and injustice. Let the putschists cower and stop their atrocities… until the day soon comes of their final downfall. The whole world will bear witness on that day, God willing.

To all the loyal revolutionary Egyptian people...

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance has just hailed four more of your martyrs, killed by coup brutality and terror in dormitories of Al-Azhar university, in New Damietta and in Minya. The Alliance renews its pledge to the martyrs, the wounded and detainees. It deeply appreciates your powerful revolutionary spirit. It praises God Almighty for this unification of hearts around the January 25 Revolution, once again.

To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

The coup has fallen into a phase of shock horror as it faced your rising resilient revolt, notwithstanding the putschists’ threats of fatal violence and further brutality and the irrational announcement by their financier Naguib Sawiris that he would use his militias to attack protesters. The junta’s soldiers abandoned their attack vehicles, as you rose in anger, closing ranks in university dormitories and liberty squares across the nation, after our steadfast detainees sparked revolutionary rage in the prisons. The Alliance also hails the tremendous increase and expansion of your peaceful revolutionary activities, the legendary steadfastness of Egypt’s girls and women, and your persistence with demonstrations throughout the day.

To all those still hesitant within the putschists’ camp…

There is no place for late-comers, no amnesty for silent witnesses, and no excuse for those who fail to act after seeing the shameful scene of the Nasr City girl being brutally dragged on the ground by cowardly coup soldiers, who also harassed and abducted eight girls in New Damietta.

None of these crimes will be time-barred. They will also be recorded in history, a shame on all those who committed them or kept quiet about them. It is time you made your move. The coup is in the throes of death. By now you should realize that the junta’s generals Sidqi Subhi, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, Mohamed Ibrahim, and all those who conspired with them are intent on destroying this country, while the Revolution wants progress and prosperity for this homeland.

To all Egypt’s loyal revolutionaries, men and women…

Once again, you have proven that the coup is failing and falling fast. So, persist in your peaceful Revolution with creativity, ingenuity and devotion, with more revolutionary rejuvenation, and with a powerful connection to God Almighty. You must realize and accept that this stage requires us all to make every effort.

Let’s make the Revolutionary Rage week a momentous milestone in the escalating revolutionary movement. Do not get provoked into violence. Avoid all calls that may ignite civil war, chaos and destruction. Do your best to mobilize Egyptians to boycott the sham referendum of January 14, 2014.

Allah is Great... Down, down with military rule!

The Revolution continues… until victory.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy e National Alliance

Cairo: December 27, 2013


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