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Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Al-Shater and 450 Tora Prison Detainees on Hunger Strike
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Al-Shater and 450 Tora Prison Detainees on Hunger Strike
A number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and President Mohamed Morsi’s aides and advisers, currently detained in Egypt’s notorious Tora Prison, start a hunger strike in protest at conditions inside the prison.
Monday, December 23,2013 20:06

Sayed Nasr, defense attorney for Muslim Brotherhood leaders and President Morsi’s aides and advisers, said more than 450 detainees at the high security Tora Prison began a hunger strike, to protest brutally harsh treatment and intolerable conditions that make prison cells not fit for human, nor animal habitation.

Those include Khairat Al-Shater, Vice-Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood; Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Office; Osama Yassin, former Minister of Youth; Essam El-Erian, FJP Vice-Chairman; Essam Al-Haddad, President Morsi’s Assistant for Foreign Affairs; Ayman Ali, Morsi’s Advisor for Egyptians Abroad Affairs; Abdul-Maguid Mashaly, Morsi’s secretary for Media Affairs; Ahmed Abdel-Aati, director of Morsi’s Office; Ayman Hodhod, Morsi’s Security adviser.

Sayed Nasr said that the detainees started the hunger strike in protest at coup authorities banning visits from their loved ones, erecting glass barriers between them and their families during visits, and constant heavy surveillance during all visits.

"Other detainees went on a hunger strike to protest brutal abuse inside the prison, unclean wards, overcrowded cells and rampant roach and insect infestation."

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