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British Egyptians Hold Candlelit Vigil on IHRD to Condemn Rights Violations in Egypt
British Egyptians Hold Candlelit Vigil on IHRD to Condemn Rights Violations in Egypt
Press release by the British Egyptians for Democracy commemorating the International Human Rights Day, slamming status of human rights in Egypt following the July 3rd military coup which toppled the elected president
Monday, December 9,2013 16:28

British Egyptians for Democracy commemorates Tuesday 10th December 2013 which marks the 20th International Human Rights Day, recognising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and nations across the world.

Since the Egyptian military coup ousted the democratically elected President, Dr. Mohammad Morsi on July 3rd, the junta have continued in their brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters. Basic rights such as freedom of speech and assembly are under attack, and the freedom of media is under severe constraints with many journalists arrested and TV channels closed.  Thousands of political prisoners are languishing in the junta’s prisons for simply exercising their fundamental rights with numerous cases of torture being recorded.

In memory of those that have been killed and unlawfully detained under military rule, and to condemn the human rights infringements taking place daily, British Egyptians for Democracy will be holding a candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square this Tuesday evening from 5.30 – 7pm.

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