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Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Denounces Military-Junta Suppression of Upper House Activists
Egypt Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Denounces Military-Junta Suppression of Upper House Activists
The anti-coup coalition of groups and movements defending democracy condemns coup security forces’ brutal repression of activists protesting peacefully outside the Shura Council (Upper House).
Wednesday, November 27,2013 07:16

 Egypt’s “Youth Against the Coup” and “Women Against the Coup” movements – which support the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance – stressed that repression in Egypt as happened against non-violent demonstrators Tuesday outside Shura Council (Upper House of Egypt’s Parliament) is completely unacceptable.

Diaa Al-Sawi, spokesman for the "Youth Against the Coup" movement said that youths of the Revolution stand united and steadfast against tyranny and aggression dealt brutally to January 25 Revolution partners, and against the elimination of the Revolution’s gains. He added that he will contact youths demonstrating on the ground to coordinate and to rally together in the face of repression.

Sawi further stressed that the junta’s new anti-protest law failed from the first moment it was enacted, and that all the military-installed interior ministry is doing now are evident crimes subject to no statute of limitations.

A statement issued by “Women Against the Coup” said that coup militias lost their mind, repeating the same brutally criminal scenarios of Mohamed Mahmoud Street (massacre), the Cabinet clashes and the attacks against Alexandria women, and other atrocities and crimes committed by coup authorities against Egyptian women.

The statement also said that all this violence and brutal criminality takes place as the United Nations and all countries of the world commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, adding that now the truth has become crystal clear to the whole world: the coup practices violence against women of Egypt who stand against the putschists, their oppression and their absurd invalid laws.
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