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'Women Against the Coup' Marks International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
'Women Against the Coup' Marks International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
Thousands share the fate of Mirabal Sisters in Egypt after the coup, killed in cold blood by the brutal putschists’ militias and security forces.
Monday, November 25,2013 13:20

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, November 25th, the ‘Women Against the Coup’ movement, a member of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, is organizing activities in several countries around the world, including Egypt, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom, to condemn the repression and abuse Egyptian women have been subjected to since July 3rd, which include assault, torture, imprisonment and murder at the hands of military coup militias.

The movement announces that it will commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Monday in its own way, to condemn the crimes of the military coup against Egyptian women, who have been targeted with live ammunition, killed, jailed, tortured, harassed, not to mention violations against their right to free speech and belief.

This event is part of the week of "The Massacre of the Century" announced by the Anti-Coup National Alliance, and as a participation in the "16 Days of Activism" launched by the United Nations to start with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The aim is to remind the conscience of the free world that the military coup has committed horrible massacres against women of the Revolution calling for freedom for their people, defending their vote and rejecting dictatorial military rule. It is also meant to affirm that the coup leader Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi is walking the same path as the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo who ordered the barbaric assassination in 1960 of the Mirabal sisters who were political activists in the Dominican Republic, the crime that the world remembers every November 25th.

The movement calls upon all the free men and women of the world to appreciate Egyptian women's hardships and share their stance against the violence of the military coup on Monday November 25th, raising photos of women martyrs and detainees, and using the color orange as called for by the UNiTE campaign under the theme "Orange your world". And let the whole world know that the free women of Egypt are continuing their struggle until the coup is eliminated and brought down, and all forms of violence against women are ended.

The movement also demands that the UN women's committee ‘UN Women’ fulfill its role in defending women's rights, and in activating international agreements signed by Egypt but violated by the coup regime in a manner that exceeds the actions of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, and for which there is now an International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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