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Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Assassination of National Security Official
Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Assassination of National Security Official
Dr. Bishr denounces assassinations and demands fast-tracked investigations to bring killers of a National Security officer on Monday.
Tuesday, November 19,2013 07:02

 Dr. Mohamed Bishr, former Local Development Minister and leading member of Egypt’s Anti-Coup National Alliance, condemned the tragic incident in which Lt. Col. Mohamed Mabrook, a National Security Apparatus official, was assassinated by unknown assailants.

In a statement, Dr. Bishr denounced all the violence that has spread in Egypt recently, and reaffirmed that the policy of assassinations is totally unacceptable and unworthy of citizens of this one homeland, especially as it is not only criminalized in all laws, but also prohibited in Islam.

Dr. Bishr added that all Egyptian blood is a red line, no matter what a person’s political or ideological orientation or job, stressing complete rejection of any attack on human life.

He urged relevant authorities to fast-track investigations to apprehend the real culprits and publicly announce the results, dealing proper punishment to perpetrators for their crime.

Dr. Bishr also appealed to the media and politicians not to jump to conclusions before these investigations are completed, and not to level charges against any party, until investigators finish their work and find those responsible for the crime.
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