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Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Health Deteriorates in Prison Hospital
Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Health Deteriorates in Prison Hospital
While 85-year old former leader of the Brotherhood suffers a setback in the coup’s prison hospital, the putschists refer him to trial on a false, politicized charge of allegedly insulting the judiciary.
Monday, November 11,2013 01:04

Aliaa, daughter of Mohamed Mahdi Akef – former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – currently a political detainee, revealed that her father’s health is deteriorating rapidly, although he is detained in Maadi Military Hospital (south of Cairo) where he was transferred about six weeks ago.

Aliaa told Anatolia News Agency that her father's health "has not improved in the military hospital; in fact it has deteriorated further", adding that he is kept in complete isolation from the outside world, and does not see anyone except his family in a weekly visit. She demanded his release due to his ill health.

The Interior Ministry transferred 85-year old Akef to Maadi Military Hospital on September 26, 2013, after his health deteriorated. Originally, he was to undergo medical tests only and then return to prison. However, his deteriorating health prompted the hospital's management to keep him there until now.

Meanwhile, the fascist military coup authorities set December 10, 2013 for the first session in Akef’s trial for allegedly insulting the judiciary.

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