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Anti-Coup Alliance Calls Friday Protests Against Regime Attacks on Egyptian Women, Rights Violations
Anti-Coup Alliance Calls Friday Protests Against Regime Attacks on Egyptian Women, Rights Violations
Egypt’s anti-coup coalition of parties and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy calls 'Egyptian Women A Red Line' Friday of peaceful protest activities on December 8.
Friday, November 8,2013 07:40

During the four months since the beginning of the military coup, Egypt lived through the worst repression and murderous military tyranny in its entire history, even worse than periods of oppression under occupation forces and the worst totalitarian regimes, especially with regard to public and private rights and freedoms of women and children, in particular.

The worst of the junta’s repressive practices is the involvement of the judiciary in order to cast a legal shadow on the coup commanders and collaborators’ bloody and brutal atrocities, like the arbitrary arrest and detention of more than 15,000 people, many of whom minors and children, using flawed legal grounds and procedures and false evidence.

Moreover, the Interior Ministry and police apparatus have been transformed from the protector of security, responsible for upholding justice, to a department dedicated to organized and systematic use of armies of thugs to kill, terrorize and arrest citizens, as documented in many videos and photographs, in a phenomenon devised by the Mubarak regime that has become a feature of all totalitarian regimes.

Invariably, forces out to arrest protesters and members of the opposition violate the sanctity of homes and public as well as private property, and also steal money, jewelry and anything of value.

These policies of systematic savagery are beyond any unjust repressive dictatorial practices typical of military rule in Egypt and elsewhere. They are a determined effort to demolish the State and its institutions.

These brutal practices did not stop at killing men, women and children in repeated massacres, as happened in Rabaa and Nahda squares, but exceeded all limits by deliberately targeting women with unprecedented vindictive violations, including beating girls, dragging them on the ground, torturing, detaining and even murdering women of all ages. They even forced girls to take their clothes off, in an affront to their dignity, virtue and honor, under the pretext of the so-called ‘virginity tests’ at the hands of some members of the army.

Also the police and Interior Ministry security forces returned to control universities once again, storming them at will to beat, kill and capture students with the help of hired thugs and militias. Certainly, this sabotages the last achievement of the January 25 Revolution.

Finally, incidents of torture carried out in police stations and detention centers and illegal forced disappearances at the hands of the coup security forces and members of the army have exceeded all limits. Some of these have been documented through the media, like the ugly incident of Abu-Qurqas police station, and through many testimonies by those who were lucky enough to be released.

Egypt’s Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance affirms that these repressive practices most clearly indicate the failure of the coup, that it has no popularity whatsoever, and that its last resort is bullets and policies of repression, oppression and persecution that never succeeded in stopping the advance of freedom and the march of dignity.

These brutal fascist practices also highlight the Egyptian people’s determination not to compromise the rights of Egyptian martyrs, the wounded and the detained, especially their legal rights. Indeed the Egyptian people will not have any deals that ignore these rights or exempt criminals from retribution.

The Alliance reaffirms what Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic, said: the judiciary should not be implicated in this game of military insurgence. The judiciary should be maintained as the last citadel of law and justice in the country.

The Alliance calls the masses of the Egyptian people to rise in anger in the face of this flagrant violation of Egyptian women’s rights on Friday, November 08 in all public squares and streets of Egypt, under the slogan “Egyptian Women A Red Line” and demonstrate peacefully throughout the week under the slogan “Freedom for the Honorable” in support of the detainees and free patriotic citizens of all political and ideological currents.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
Cairo: November 7, 2013
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